The Druids are minor antagonists in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

The Druids are widely known in throughout the land. Some Waiths, have appeared around the Haunted Forest. When the Fellowship reached the Cursed City they saw Tarah & Thaynes former orthanege and the Archdruid Bob IV, who told the group the wrong directrion to the Necronomicog, where other Druids and Nagas went to fight against the heroes, only for Bob's Dragon to be eliminated by the group. He then sent them to the Ringmaster, who offered them to fight a few rounds in his arena. The group of heroes later went to look for Bob once again, only to see him be destroyed by the Teras Koloss, witch was also eliminated by the heroes. Some Druids have appeared around the Void's castle, where they will help the locals fight against the Fellowship.

The Ringmaster would still operate the arena battles for the Fellowship to fight against some foes, such as other Druids and Wraiths.


  • Tarah & Thayne (heroic characters)
  • Fanós Wraith
  • Mithra Disiple
  • Archdruid Bob Lord IV (Neutral character)
  • Ringmaster (Neutral character)
  • Mithra Seer
  • Luminós Wraith


  • The Druids are so far the only antagonists in SteamWorld Qeust to have characters that work with the protagonists without force.


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