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Drum is another of King Piccolo's spawn and a villain from Dragon Ball.


Drum was the strongest of King Piccolo's sons, due to King Piccolo having his youth restored at the time he spawned him. He was born when King Piccolo was confronted by Tien Shinhan, who sought to use the Evil Containment Wave in order to trap King Piccolo again. Drum easily managed to clobber Tien, though he was almost trapped by the Evil Containment Wave. Goku later showed up and kicked him in the head, which stunned him for a few moments. Goku, after sensing the energy level of Drum, delivered another kick to his head, which knocked his eyes out of his head and killed him.


Drum confronting Tien alongside his father

Drum possesses super strength and it is presumed he can use energy based techniques, though he never demonstrates the ability to.


  • Drum's name, like his family, comes from a percussion instrument, the drum.
  • Drum appears in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and 3 in the form of one of King Piccolo's attacks known as Your Name is Drum. Piccolo spits out an egg, which Drum hatches out of and attacks the opponent.
  • Drum is the first Namekian to be portrayed with purple blood.
  • Drum and Tambourine are the only two of King Piccolo's sons who bear any resemblance to normal Namekians, with the exception of Piccolo Jr.


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