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Druman is a minor antagonist in Bakugan. A Pyrus and Darkus hybrid Bakugan, he is the partner of Centorrior, to which both serve Naga.


Druman is more battle ready than Centorrior, and prefers to use his Pryas abilties to make his opponents suffer.


When Dan and Drago arrive in the Pryas/Drakus world, they are attacked by Darkus Gardanoids. However, Durman and Centorrior arrive to fend them off, although they do this purely to have Drago to themselves. Despite this, Dan and Drago get taken away by Nova Lion but the two Bakugan catch up to them and fight them both, with Centorrior able to kill Nova Lion. Despite this dire situation, Masquerade and Hydranoid arrive to help their rivals and devise a plan. Using this, Drago attacks and beats Druman, with Hydranoid takes care of Centorrior.

Later, he and the other hybrids go to Earth and search for the Infinity Core. Here, Klaus von Hertzon fights Druman and Hairadee, but loses badly in the end.

Some time later, Druman and Centorrior face Drago and Tiggera in a rematch while the two receive backup from Preyas Gorem, Cycloid, Harpus, Sirenoid, and Tentaclear. After Centorrior gets killed by Drago, Druman gets destroyed by Blade Tigrerra's claws.


His jappenseise voice sounds simalr to Shadow Prove even though they both have different voice actors


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