Druwp was a slave in Badrang's possession - yet Druwp was a villainous, sneaky slave.


Druwp was a normal bankvole living a normal life until Badrang captured him with other creatures including Felldoh, Hillgorse and Brome. Unlike the other creatures, Druwp believed that if they fought back against Badrang they would be instantly killed, and it was better, he thought to be enslaved than dead. Druwp feared death and his own safety so much he decided to sell out his friends.


Role in the book

Druwp believed in inferior creatures and believed bosses should rule over them. He reported to the captain of the guards, Hisk, about rebellions and betrayed his fellow slaves. Druwp sold out the slaves about their plan to arm themselves against the horde, by telling Badrang that Martin and the others had escaped from the pit, and then telling Badrang about the slaves' weapon pit. But when the enemy found no weapons, Badrang had Druwp beaten. Druwp hadn't realized that an otter, Keyla, had watched him watching Tullgrew the otter bury the weapons; so Keyla just dug them up again and reburied them. Druwp continued serving Badrang after his failure, but was watched closely. Afterwards; Brome and Felldoh, two of Martin's friends, returned and freed the slaves under guise of an acting troupe. They were successful, but Druwp threatened Felldoh with punishment and threatened to report him. Felldoh threw his spear and killed Druwp.

Role in the animated series

Druwp’s role in the animated adaptation of Martin the Warrior was more villainous and his death was slightly altered. During the battle between the slaves and the vermin, Barkjon is severely injured, leaving him unconscious. While the battle continues, Druwp sneaks in from behind the wounded squirrel, with a dagger in his paw. He taunts Felldoh, about to murder his father. Before the treacherous vole can finish off Barkjon, Felldoh throws a spear at Druwp, killing him.


As Druwp was a bankvole, and not a vermin, he was not an immediate villain, he was one of the few "woodlander" villains of the series.


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