Dryden is the opening antagonist of the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale. He is a corrupt MI6 section chief known for selling official secrets to criminals until his death.

He was portrayed by Malcolm Sinclair.


Dryden was briefly seen in the opening of the film, returning to his office in Prague, Czech Republic. However, he is caught by James Bond, who informs him that his boss M has caught wind of Dryden selling MI6 secrets in the black market. Bond also confirmed his suspicions that he tracked down Dryden's contact Fisher in Lahore, Pakistan and killed him a restroom with a sidearm, marking Bond's first kill.

Realizing now that he would be put in big trouble in MI6 for his actions, Dryden pulled out a pistol in an attempt to kill Bond and cover his tracks, but not before he informed Bond that two kills are required to gain Double-O status in MI6. However, Bond revealed that he already emptied the gun magazine prior to Dryden's arrival. Without hesitation, Bond shoots Dryden in cold blood, thus gaining his new reputation as a secret agent. It is also revealed that Dryden has a picture of himself with his wife and daughter as he was shot to death by Bond.


  • It is unknown to whom Dryden was selling MI6 secrets to, though it can be speculated that he was selling them to Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the very same man who was responsible for Bond's recent tragedies that started in Casino Royale. However, there is no evidence regarding to this, which leaves the nature of Dryden's allegiance ambiguous.



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