Dubhe is a villain that appears in Devil Survivor 2 as one of the seven Septentriones. Dubhe is named after one of the seven stars in the constellation the Big Dipper. Dubhe looks similar to an ice cream cone. The top of Dubhe is round and pink with holes in it and the bottom half is a multi-colored cone. Both halves are not connected to each other, and the bottom cone can spin at various angles without affecting the alignment of the top half.


The initial half of the battle revolves around getting the teams to the exit zone on the other side of the map, but crossing over to that area will prove difficult due to Dubhe's attack range of 4. Fortunately, it will not move except when it wants to create distance between itself and your teams so that it can pick them off from afar. Position your teams just outside its attack range and let the other demon teams come towards you, and slowly shuffle them around until it is completely safe to cross through Dubhe's attack range in one turn.

If a team possesses a Beast, they could charge into Dubhe's attack range, engage an enemy team (maybe even Dubhe itself), and then use the extra Move command granted by Animal Legs to escape towards the exit, hopefully exiting Dubhe's attack range in the process.

Once Daichi weakens Dubhe, simply turn around and pursue it. Be aware that despite its sharply reduced stats, its Binary Fire attack can still do a fair bit of damage if it chooses to cast it.


  • The appearance of Dubhe looks similar to ice cream, leading to its nickname "Alien Ice Cream" among fans.
  • If the player plays a pirated version of Devil Survivor 2, during the battle with Dubhe, Daichi will not appear to weaken it, rendering the battle unwinnable. This is a form of copy protection.
  • Similar to Beldr, Dubhe is also immune to Almighty attacks, preventing the player from killing Dubhe in a New Game Plus before Daichi drives the truck into it.
  • Dubhe's name is romanized in one point in the anime as Dohbe.
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