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Druggie Ferguson is a fictional character and anti-hero of the ITV British Soap Opera Coronation Street.

The character was portrayed by John Bowe, who later played Lawrence White in Emmerdale.


Duggie Ferguson first came to Weatherfied in 1998 to make amends with his estranged son Tom, who blamed him for his mother's death. In the end Tom refused to play happy families and he left to get away from his father, which left Duggie devasated.

As he settled himself into the street, Duggie became the new landlord of The Rovers Return Inn public house. He soon made an enemy out of Toyah Battersby after having both her and her friend Phil Simmonds illegally evicted from their homes. Even after Phil was rendered homeless Duggie was unrepentant about his actions. Toyah and Phil went to the press with how Duggie had been evicting his poor tenants and converting his flats into ones suitable for yuppies to make a profit. This caused Duggie's financial downfall and ruined his relationship with Debs Bronlow who had an affair with Vinny Sorell.

When the pub was put on sale, Duggie bought it from Natalie Barnes after getting money from investors Mike Baldwin and his friend Fred Elliott. He convinced them to sell their shares to a mysterious buyer, but it later turned out that Duggie was the buyer himself.

In 2002, Duggie went into partnership with financial advisor Richard Hillman converting old flats. Duggie cut corners and died when he fell on the development being built during an argument with Richard.



  • He appeared in a total of 250 appearences during his time on the show.