Duhg (also known as the Horned Marauder) is a minor antagonist in the 2013 Marvel film Thor: The Dark World. He is the leader of the pillaging group known as the Marauders.

He was portrayed by Douglas Robson.


Following the destruction of the Bifrost Bridge and the deaths of the Frost Giants, the Nine Realms were left unprotected, which allowed Duhg and his band of Maraurders to attack the land of Vanaheim for three years. Fortunately for the Vanir people, Odin sends in his Asgardian warriors (the Einherjar) into battle against the Marauders.

Duhg is first seen fighting off one of the Einherjar warriors until the arrival of Odin's son Thor, who was able to turn the tide against the Marauders by using his hammer to take them out. Duhg then decided to send in one of his champions (a Kronan warrior) to finish off Thor. As first, Thor initially offered to surrender to the Kronan warrior, which left Duhg and the other Marauders laughing at this. However, Thor turns the tides again by using his hammer to smash the Kronan warrior into pieces, much to Duhg's shock. Horrified by Thor's power, Duhg and the Marauders are forced to surrender to the Asgardians.

Duhg and the Marauders were taken away from Vanaheim to Asgard, where they are thrown into the dungeons (alongside Loki Laufeyson) for their crimes. However, Malekith (the leader of the Dark Elves) gets his right-hand Kurse to provide a prison break as a distraction to get an Infinty Stone known as the Aether as part of his plot to plunge the universe into eternal darkness. As such, Duhg and the Marauders were freed from their cells while Loki remains imprisoned (since Kurse refused to release him). Duhg and the Marauders then engage into a fight against the prison guards, but Thor and Fandral arrived to the rescue by taking down many of the Marauders to their deaths, and Duhg ends up being killed by Volstagg.



  • Though Duhg was credited as "Horned Marauder" in the film, his name was revealed in the non-canoncial Thor: The Dark World video game. Plus, his fate also differed in the game as Thor and Hogun defeated him during their search for the Sword of Torunn that the Dark Elves stole.


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