No dweebs on the Pharaoh's turf!
~ Duke to Max and P.J.

Duke or The Duke is the main antagonist and anti-hero of the Goof Troop episode "Leader of the Pack". He is the eighteen year old leader of a teenage gang called The Pharaohs and dislikes Max Goof and P.J., seeing them as "dweebs" (although they don't attend his school nor are they even his age, implying that he intends to not even let children around the restaurant) and doesn't let them come near his "turf" the fast food restaurant Burger Behemoth. That is until he meets Max's cousin Debbie (who is pretending to be Max's girlfriend) and develops romantic feelings for her and ejects his own girlfriend out of his car and pursues Debbie instead.

Later Duke competes against Max in a skateboard race and loses to him and is last seen along with his fellow gang members watching Max, P.J. and Debbie eating at Burger Behemoth. Duke made peace with Max, P.J. and Debbie and all of them could eat at Burger Behemoth.

He is voiced by Jerry Houser.


  • Duke has a greaser look with brown Elvis-style hair and wears a white vest, navy blue jacket, brown jeans and black boots.
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