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Please, your omnipotence! Have mercy!
~ Onkled begging the King for forgiveness.

Duke Onkled is the secondary antagonist in The Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. He informs the King of Hyrule that he is under attack by Ganon, but actually lured him there so Ganon can capture the King.


Duke Onkled has pointy ears like all Hylians and long brown facial hair. He wears a gold crown, gold bracelets with rubies, and many valuable rings. He wears a pink robe with a yellow part in the middle. Onkled has a red and gold belt and wears a red cape with white spots.


Duke Onkled was likely attacked by Ganon and then subsequently sided with him in order to save himself. So he handed the rule of his land over to Ganon, despite the consequences for his people. The Duke then followed Ganon's plan and informed the King of Hyrule that he was under attack by Ganon. The King departed to aid him but was then captured, since it was all a trap.

Princess Zelda and Impa went after them and defeated Ganon's minions. Lord Kiro, who Onkled also betrayed, informed her about his lies and told them how to enter his chamber. Zelda confronted the Duke, who begged for mercy and then told them where Ganon was hiding, as well as giving her to the key to the gate. Lord Kiro then guards him, since Onkled likely planned to flee. After Ganon was defeated, the King of Hyrule ordered him to scrub all the floors in Hyrule as punishment and he asks Lord Kiro to take Onkled away. 


Duke Onkled is easily intimidated and very cowardly. Thus he is quite selfish and is willing to sacrifice the freedom of his own people to save himself. He is also very greedy and corrupt. He instantly switches sides when he is threatened and begs for mercy, showing no dignity.


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