Dularn is major villain from Ys: The Oath in Felghana.


Dularn is a mysterious person who stalks Adol through his journey to discover the source of the trouble in the land of Felghana, confronting him many times either directly or by summoning monsters, in an attempt to hinder his progress. Dularn's identity is finally revealed in the final confrontation.

Dularn was actually Sister Nell, a nun from Redmont who served the Felghana Church. She had been once saved by the bishop Nikolas Garland before his descent to evil, having followed him ever since out of gratitude. Using the Dularn disguise, she carried Garland's orders, though she ultimately felt remorseful for all she did. After Adol defeats her for the last time, she thanks him and begs for him to stop the bishop's plans.


  • In Ys III (of which Oath in Felghana is a remake) Dularn was merely a random boss fought at the beginning of the game without any plot relevance.
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