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You persist in your ignorance of Duma's teachings at your own peril!
~ Jamil
Oh, dear. Such naughty children, lashing out at Lord Duma so! You've earned quite the punishment...
~ Marla
Why do you refuse Duma's truth? It is incomprehensible...
~ Hestia

The Duma Faithful (Duma Faith in Japanese), also called "The Faithful" and, by their detractors, the Cult of Duma, are a religious organization in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. True to its name, the Faithful is dedicated to the will of Lord Duma, who its followers refer to as the War Father. The Duma Faithful are the state church and sole religion of Rigel.


The Duma Faithful was founded along with the country of Rigel in the Year 1989 of the Valentian Calendar by Duma himself. The War Father desired to implement his beliefs for the benefit of humanity, chiefly that power and military might are what provides the ideal path forward. The Duma Faithful held such teachings dear, which caused conflict between them and the Mila Faithful, a sect of worshipers of Duma's peaceful sister Mila.

After thousands of years, Duma began to succumb to dragon degeneration, and his church underwent a drastic upheaval. Lord Halcyon, High Priest of the Duma Faithful, was one of the few members who questioned Duma’s sudden desire to conquer Valentia. For this, Halcyon excommunicated and fled to the Lost Treescape. With Duma's support, Lord Jedah, became the new High Priest and transformed the Duma Faithful into a more militaristic organization.

Under Jedah's guidance, the Duma Faithful began to research Terrors (various undead and supernatural monsters) and how to conjure them into the world. In addition, many of its members offered their souls or the souls of others as sacrifices to Duma, giving them unearthly power, but reducing them to mindless shells.

Notable Members


Main article: Jedah (Fire Emblem)

The newly appointed High Priest of the Duma Faithful, Jedah loyally follows Duma, regardless of the casualties left in his wake.


One of Jedah's three daughters, Marla used to be stern but kind. However, she was sacrificed by her father to Duma and became a Witch.


One of Jedah's three daughters, Hestia used to be fiercely independent. However, she was sacrificed by her father to Duma and became a Witch.


Main article: Nuibaba

A Witch who offered power to Berkut in exchange for his loyalty to Duma. Though he refused, she convinced him to take a mirror with powerful dark magic to use in a dire situation.


Main article: Medusa (Fire Emblem)

A spirit conjured by members of the Faithful who instantly drains the health of their foes down to a single point. She formed a contract with a severely wounded Nuibaba, saving the latter's life but turning her into a Witch.


An arcanist who guards Rigel's floodgate, Tatarrah brainwashed the powerful mage Delthea into serving him as a Witch.


A cantor put in charge of the Mila Temple after Emperor Rudolf sealed her away with Falchion.


A cantor who engages Celica's army in the Dead Man's Swamp. His presence, along with Dolth's, contributes to the spread of swampland in the region.


A cantor who guards the Lost Treescape. His presence, along with Garcia's, contributes to the spread of swampland in the region.


An arcanist who guards Duma's Gate.


An archanist who directly serves under Jedah, protecting him in battle.


A mute Dread Fighter who directly serves under Duma as one of his guards.


A mute Dread Fighter who directly serves under Duma as one of his guards.


A mute Gold Knight who directly serves under Duma as one of his guards.


A mute Bow Knight who directly serves under Duma as one of his guards.


A mute Bow Knight who directly serves under Duma as one of his guards.


The former High Priest, Halcyon lives in exile in the Lost Treescape. When Celica comes to him for advice, he assists her in communicating with Alm.


A Rigelian saint originally in the service of the Duma Faithful, Tatiana was kidnapped and held hostage by Nuibaba so that her lover Zeke would comply with the cruel General Gerome. When the Deliverance rescues Tatiana, she defects to their side.


  • In the original game, the majority of the Duma Faithful bosses had uttered the same final quote upon defeat and death in a hypnotic tone: "May the blessings of Duma--". In the remake, they have different last quotes, with the exception of Jamil, who now utters "Duma's upon us...".


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