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Duncan, also known as StayInTheKitchen88, is a member of the hacker clan Chaos Theosis and the secondary antagonist of season 6 of Arby 'n' The Chief.

Despite being a sexist, Duncan is probably the most reasonable member of Chaos Theosis. Unlike the other members of his group, he does not want to cause the collapse of the Online Multiplayer Network and only seeks to bring down TOSERS.

He is voiced by Hutch.


Duncan appeared alongside his teammates in a video they produced warning Bungie that, unless they disband TOSERS, Chaos Theosis will go around perma-banning players in match-making.

Duncan and his fellow hackers would go on to infiltrate a TOSERS evaluation server. They soon start killing and banning all the TOSERS candidates. Duncan and Adam go to surround Cameron, Cody and Master Chief, but they are killed by the Arbiter before they can do anything.

Duncan later responds along with Adam. Duncan and the other three members of his team quickly surround Arbiter, Chief, Cameron and Cody again, but they are forced to retreat when an army of TOSER moderators show up.

Duncan and the other Chaos Theosis members later manage to gain access to the TOSERS home server thanks to Stephen. The four begin causing havoc and, despite interference from Chief and Arbiter, manage to dissolve TOSERS.

Afterwards, the four return to their private server. Clyde announces that this is the only the first part of their plan, and that their true goal is to bring down the Online Multiplayer Network. While reluctant at first, Duncan agrees to help to avoid being fragbanned.

However, Duncan later tells Kylie that, while he won't interfere with Chaos Theosis' plan, he doesn't intend to continue helping. Hearing of this, Clyde has Kylie lure Duncan back to their server. Clyde talks with Duncan briefly before Kylie stabs and bans Duncan with an energy sword.

Duncan later received an email from Clyde telling him not to inform anyone about their plans, lest Chaos Theosis leak his personal info.


Duncan is fairly laid-back compared to the other members of his group. Duncan likes teasing Adam whenever he gets into an argument with his mom. He also believes that girls all suck at games, and enjoys harassing "gamer girls" whenever he finds one. Ironically, he seems to get along rather well with Kylie, and her skill at Halo leads him to think she might have a penis.


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