Duncan is the secondary antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Go Games".

He was voiced by John Kassir, who also played Fallbot.


Duncan is a bird who is the accomplice of Chancy McSpill. He does wear a helmet while riding a bike, but it is too small for his head. As for his pads, they are too big for his elbows and knees.

Duncan helps Chancy cheat to win, but in the process, accidentally knocks over the glue tank and gets stuck, so Chancy removes him, only to accidentally run the glue conveyor belt machine and spills a lot of it (eventually getting it stuck to Rangers Sully and Kitty's feet in the process).

After Talia (a fan of the Danger Rangers and, at first, of Chancy) finds out that Chancy and Duncan are the same guys who loosened her bike's back wheel and that they are cheating, they reveal it to SAVO and the Rangers, and Gabriella and Squeeky try to catch him with a net as he is riding on his bike. However, he cannot even stop, so the net does not work very well. Then Fallbot, trying to come up with an idea to help, accidentally smacks blue liquid out of his ears, making Duncan slip in the process and crash into a stack of hay bales.

When Duncan and Chancy are disqualified, they are given a second chance, but not without answering safety questions before every event.


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