Duncan 2

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Duncan 2 is a minor antagonist in Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "For a Few Duncans More". He is a clone of Duncan, made with a copying machine called the Papercopy Pro 2000. Duncan 2 eventually rebelled against Duncan and made several clones of himself to take him over.

He is voiced by Drew Nelson.


In "For a Few Duncans More", Duncan used Chef Hatchet's Papercopy Pro 2000 to make a clone of himself and named him Duncan 2. Duncan 2 was like Duncan in every way and even has his passing for causing trouble. Duncan had Duncan 2 stand in for him during story time, while he got to hang out in the treehouse and play video games. Duncan 2 was not pleased with how he got the short end of the stick like this and convinced Duncan to let him have some fun too. Duncan, not wanting to let down his clone but also not wanting to do any work, just cloned himself again and made Duncan 3, who would do all the work for both of them. Duncan 2 spied on him and saw what he was doing and decided to make a few clones, himself. Duncan 2 introduced Duncan to Duncan 4, Duncan 4 + 1, Duncan 4 + 2, and Duncan 4 + 3, all of which looked a little jacked up because Duncan 2 was apparently bad at using the Papercopy Pro 2000. Duncan 2 was sick of Duncan and so he led his clones in overthrowing the original Duncan and created an even bigger army, which they used to take over Total Drama Daycare. The original Duncan, with the help of Beth went back to Total Drama Daycare and convinced the Duncan clones that escaping Total Drama Daycare was a better idea than taking over Total Drama Daycare so the Duncan clones all dug a hole to escape Total Drama Daycare and escaped into the city, where the wreaked havoc on everyone and remained unpunished. Although the villains were never truly defeated, at least they would no longer be snooping around Total Drama Daycare anymore.


Duncan 2 looks exactly like Duncan, only the green and black in his hair is switched.

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