Duncan 4

Duncan 4.png

Duncan 4 is a minor antagonist in Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "For a Few Duncans More". He is the first clone Duncan 2 and by extension, the third clone of Duncan.

He was voiced by Drew Nelson.


In "For a Few Duncans More", Duncan 2 saw Duncan make Duncan 3 with the Papercopy Pro 2000, which gave him the idea to make a few clones of himself. One of the clones was Duncan 4, who was printed on the wrong size paper, making him extra tall. Nevertheless, he was still a villainous little paper boy, who helped Duncan 2 and the other clones in overthrowing Duncan and taking over Total Drama Daycare. When Duncan 4 was about to crush Chef with an anvil, the original Duncan, along with the help of Beth, convinced him to escape instead, which he did, bringing about his chaos and destruction to the rest of the down, completely out of harm's way from Total Drama Daycare.

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