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Duncan 4 + 1 is a minor antagonist in Total Drama Daycare, only appearing in the episode "For a Few Duncans More". He is the second clone of Duncan 2 and by extension the fourth clone of Duncan.

He was voiced by Drew Nelson.


In "For a Few Duncans More", Duncan 2 used the Papercopy Pro 2000 to make a few clones of himself, after seeing the original Duncan do so, himself, when making Duncan 3. One of these clones was Duncan 4 + 1, which he named that way because he didn't know any numbers higher than 4. When making Duncan 4 + 1, the printer ran out of toner so he came out black and white. Duncan 4 + 1, along with the rest of the clones, overthrew Duncan and took over Total Drama Daycare. During his reign of tyranny, Duncan 4 + 1 carved a skull into the wall. The original Duncan was able to convince the Duncan clones to leave Total Drama Daycare and wreak havoc on the rest of the city instead, leading to all the Duncan clones leaving and causing crime somewhere else.