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Duncan! Duncan! Duncan!
~ Duncan 4 + 3

Duncan 4 + 3 is a minor antagonist in Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "For a Few Duncans More". He is the fourth clone of Duncan 2 and by extension, the sixth clone of Duncan. Unlike the rest of the Duncans, Duncan 4 + 3, came out a little wrong, making him into a stupid idiot, who is only capable of saying his own name.

He was voiced by Drew Nelson.


In "For a Few Duncans More", Duncan 2 cloned himself multiple times, after seeing his clonefather, Duncan, clone himself again to make Duncan 3. Duncan 2 created Duncan 4, Duncan 4 + 1, Duncan 4 + 2, and Duncan 4 + 3. All of the clones turned out to be duds as issues happened with the printer but Duncan 4 + 3 seemed alright, before revealing that he was a complete brain dead idiot, who was only capable of saying his own name. Duncan 4 + 3, along with all the other Duncan clones, overthrew the original Duncan and took over Total Drama Daycare without him. When they took over, they had Chef and all the kids tied up with a giant anvil suspended over all of them. Duncan 4 + 3 chewed on the rope to get it to fall on them and crushing them flat to look like them. This was all until the original Duncan came in and convinced them all to leave Total Drama Daycare and instead escape and cause chaos in the city, leaving them all alone. After they left, the original Duncan slipped out with them, pretending to be a clone and in his place, was Duncan 4 + 3, who posed as the original Duncan for the rest of the series. Beth said that there was really no difference between the two and didn't bother to do anything about it.