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"Face facts Tim, I'm untouchable!".
~ Duncan boasting that he is 'untouchable' moments before he gets struck by a car.

Duncan Radfield is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British ITV Soap Opera Coronation Street. He served as a major antagonist in 2018-2019 and is best known for his storyline where he gets established character Sally Webster wrongfully imprisoned for his fraudulent activates after conning her into his 'business' prospects.

He is portrayed by Nicholas Gleaves.


First appearing at Weatherfield in 2018, Duncan Radfield first came in contact with the street's mayor Sally Webster. He wished to express his gratitude after his daughter Olivia was spared facing a potential prison stint for drug trading, wherein Sally's daughter Rosie Webster told the authorizes that her agent Antoine Reese was the culprit. Duncan soon begin to visit Sally more and at one point claims to her that his daughter has been having a hard time trying to cope with the death of her mother May.

Soon enough, Duncan convinces Sally to embark on a business partnership with him as he apparently wishes to help with her mayoral funding campaign. Sally later gives Duncan £40,000 on his personal account to put forward their plans. However, after Sally catches on with her husband Tim Metcalfe expressing reservations about Duncan's ulterior motives, she soon discovers that the transaction never officially happened and that Duncan's business company had in fact folded several months ago. Upon discovering this, Sally comes to realize that Duncan is in fact a fraudulent conman who has swindled £40,000 from her.

When the couple go to confront Duncan at his house, he provokes Tim into punching him before later having the police arrest Tim for assault. Duncan subsequently plans to implicate Sally in his fraudulent activities, which successfully works as Sally is arrested and later charged for fraud. Furthermore, Duncan tricks Sally's sister Gina into helping out with his plans. In doing so, Duncan complicates Sally's case in their joint court and she is remanded in custody. When the trial verdict occurs, Sally is found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison while Duncan is released on a suspended sentence.

Following Sally's wrongful conviction, her other daughter Sophie Webster goes along with Tim's resolve to exonerate her by investigating Duncan's fraudulent activities. Their efforts leads to the pair discovering that Duncan's claim that his ex-wife had died had been false all along; May is alive and that he lied to their daughter about her mother's fate. Tim later confronts Duncan in person about these accusations and chases him along the street to try and stop him from escaping. Duncan looks set to get away as he goadingly tells Tim "I'm untouchable", but moments later ends up getting struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Duncan survives and is later hospitalized, where he is surprised to see May visit him in person. She convinces him to turn himself into the police for his fraudulent activities. He does so and is sent to prison, while Sally is exonerated after Duncan's crimes have been exposed.



  • Duncan's storyline where he gets Sally wrongfully imprisoned for his fraudulent activities is considerably inspired by a similar scenario in 1998, wherein the show's main storyline saw fellow protagonist Deirdre Rachid get wrongfully convicted for supposedly committing fraud with her conman ex-fiance Jon Lindsay.