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It seems as if you still do not understand. About the end of Earth.
~ Duoss Core

The Duoss Core is the main antagonist of Soldier Blade and its sequel, Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth. In both games, he is fought several times before being confronted as the final boss.

Duoss core is the leader of the Zeograd Army. During the 21st century, humanity developed a large Warp Gate to send spaceships after other solar systems to search for natural resources, but they eventually stumble upon the Zeograd Army, which immediately attacks them. As Earth's forces are caught off guard and unable to retaliate in time, the Zeograd Army successfully takes over the Warp Gate and prepares to launch a full scale attack on Earth, with Duoss Core leading them on the front. Earth's forces prepare for combat, sending the Soldier Blade ships to intercept the Zeograd army.;

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