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We're from the planet Duplo, and we are here to destroy you.
~ The Alien leader announcing the Duplo's intention.

The Duplo Aliens are a hostile species and are recurring characters in The LEGO Movie franchise, appearing as minor antagonists in the 2014 film The LEGO Movie, and as the fake antagonists in it's 2019 sequel The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

They were all voiced by Graham Miller, who later portrayed Young Finn in the sequel.


As indicated by how they are, they are aliens made out of Lego Duplo pieces. This species are highly enigmatic, but it is likely that they care about no one but themselves, as they came to the LEGO world to destroy Bricksburg. It is possible that they have done this with other cities, as Emmet was shocked as to what they were planning.


When the Man Upstairs (Finn's father), says that he is letting Finn's sister play with the LEGOs as well, to be more specific LEGO Duplos, Finn gets confused about the announcement. The Duplo Aliens are then beamed down from a bright colored spaceship into Bricksburg, with the leader announcing their intentions to invade and destroy the LEGOs, which gets Emmet to say, "Oh man." In the second movie, their goals are accomplished, as they destroyed Bricksburg. However, it is later revealed that they did not want to destroy the Lego universe, but simply wanted to come in peace. 



  • They are the second largest villains in the movie, the largest being Lord Business.
  • While Lord Business wanted to make everything "perfect" by using the Kragle (based on his beliefs that the Master Builders were messing everything up, which was debunked by Emmet), the Duplo Aliens want to destroy Bricksburg and its inhabitants. Therefore, they have worse goals than Business does, but the reason behind their goals is completely unknown.


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