Durante is an antagonist in Disney's 1961 live-action film Nikki, Wild Dog of the North. He is the owner of Tao as well as Jacques Lebeau's rival.

He was portrayed by the late Robert Rivard.


After Lebeau and his reluctant Indian companion, Makoki capture Nikki, they arrive in town and asks Durante about the dogfight. Durante tells him that there won't be any dogfight, since Andre Dupas, Nikki's owner, had put up a sign, saying it's illegal. Although Durante tells Lebeau that it's cruel, savage, non-human and bloodthirsty, Lebeau refuses to listen and break the law and Durante is reluctant to dogfight with him. As the two set their dogs loose, Nikki snarls at the crowd, but Lebeau tells him to turn as the other dog attacks him. As the crowd cheers, Nikki finally kills his dog and Durante tells Lebeau to get him off his dog and Nikki lunges straight at Lebeau. As Durante gets his dog out of the pit, Nikki tries to attack him, but Durante escapes in time. Andre arrives in the scene and Lebeau pushes him into the pit to get mauled to death by Nikki. However, Nikki recognizes his old master, however, and joins Andre in fighting Lebeau, who is accidentally killed with his own knife. The crowd is convinced that Nikki killed Lebeau and Durante prepares to shoot him until Makoki reveals the knife in his chest.


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