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Durin is a posthumous overarching antagonist in Genshin Impact. He was a dragon created by the alchemist Rhinedottir, also known as "Gold". After the cataclysm from five hundred years ago, Durin started to attack Mondstadt, until he was killed by Dvalin and his corpse remained in Dragonspine.


Durin was a dragon created by the alchemist from Khaenri'ah, Gold. He was considered one of the miraculous creations of the alchemist. At some point, he ate the Primordial Albedo after Gold considered him a failure. After the cataclysm, Durin went to Mondstadt and started to attack and destroy the nation, due to the absence of the knights of Favonius, who were fighting monsters in Khaenri'ah, the nation was left with no one capable to defend it. That was until Barbatos, the god of wind, awoke and hearing the cries and prayers of his people, he summoned Dvalin to fight Durin.

Barbatos and Dvalin fought a brutal battle against Durin until Dvalin pierce through Durin's neck with his fangs, resulting in Durin's death and in the accidental ingestion of Durin's poisonous blood by Dvalin, which provoked his great suffering and his corruption by the Abyss Order until the venom clot on Dvalin were destroyed by the Traveler, freeing him from the Abyss Order's brainwashing. Durin's remains were located in Vindagnyr (which is now called Dragonspine).


From the exterior, Durin seems like a cold-blooded and murderous dragon who was seeking nothing but the destruction of Mondstadt. However, this murderous attitude was the consequence of the brainwashing suffered by Gold's powers, in reality, Durin was a gentle soul who dreamed to befriend Dvalin and Barbatos, and was completely unaware of the damage he was causing to the people of Mondstadt. He didn't hold any kind of resentment towards Dvalin for fatally damaging him, but rather he only wished that they could have met under better circumstances.


Durin was a gigantic black dragon with a monstrous and deformed form. He had red glowing eyes and his wings were covered in veins with most of his body being in a decaying state with his ribs and part of his skeleton being almost completely exposed.


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