The Dusk Zone (also known as the Dark Zone from the English dub or Dotsuko-Zone) is both the faction name and parallel world that serves as the home place of all villains from Futari wa Pretty Cure and its sequel. The Dusk Zone is reigned by Dark King.


The Dusk Zone is filled with mist and has a sky with no sun, but only covering black clouds. It also features valleys where Dark King's minion usually stay. Dark King himself is in the centre of the Dusk Zone and is chained by this world. The Power of Destruction comes from the Dusk Zone and is the source of his power, however, this power also destructs himself at the same time. That motivates the Dark King to assault the Garden of Light and the Garden of Rainbows for obtaining the Prism Stones which are filled with the Power of Creation - the Power of Creation is able to stop the self-destructive Power of Destruction.


Futari wa Pretty Cure


  • Dark King - The ruler of Dusk Zone. He appears to be largest character in the season, and also the largest of the Dusk Zone. Once being destroyed by Cure Black, and White, he is revived again by the Seeds of Darkness, however after they betrayed him to obtain the Power of Creation. During the battle against the Pretty Cures, Dark King absorbs the Seeds of Darkness with the Power of Creation, but the Pretty Cures managed to kill him a second time. Thought he does not appear in Max Heart, he is seen to join Baldez to defeat the Cures one final time, however he again ends up dying, and also not appearing again.

The Dark Five

The Dark Five was a team of five people, who were Dark King's first servants, and each of them guarded at least one Prism Stone. The members were:

  • Pisard (Pijard in English dub) was the first member to appear, who disguised himself as a teacher, and was more handsome then in his true form, mainly because of him, Nagisa, and Honoka gained their Pretty Cure forms. He carried the green Prism Stone, and unlike the other members, he was the only one, to carry the Prism Stone as a necklace.
  • Gekidrago was the second member to appear, replacing Pisard. Unlike the other members, he had muscles, and was the strongest by strength. He had the power to block Marble Screw. He carried the blue Prism Stone.
  • Poisony (Pandora in English dub) was the third member to appear, and was Kiriya's sister. Unlike the other members, she created Zakennas made of humans, and attacked with her hair. She resembled to a vampire, and carried the orange Prism Stone.
  • Kiriya (Kirea in the English dub) was the youngest and fourth of the denizens, and Poisony's little brother. He was arrogant and thinked of himself as being better than the others. He was sent to the Garden Of Rainbows to spy on Nagisa and Honoka but fails because of Honoka's kindness and relationship with him. He carried the yellow Prism Stone.
  • Ilkubo was last and strongest of the denizens, emotionless Ilkubo can be considered the Dark King's right hand man. He carried the purple Prism Stone.

The Seeds of Darkness

  • Juna was the tall young man of the trio. He was also the first one of the Seeds of Darkness to appear. More the muscle of the group, Juna is quite stoic and his expression seldom changes. His human alias is Ryuuichirou Kazukawa.
  • Regine The only female of the Seeds of Darkness. As a human, she has much lower confidence than when she is in her real form. Her human alias is Shouko Koyama.
  • Belzei Gertrude is the last member of Seeds of Darkness to appear. Belzei functions as the leader and he motivates the other two to betray Dark King. He is a plotter and a sadist. His human alias is Hidehiko Yuuki.

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

Movie Characters


  • The Dusk Zone has the most villains who live in an evil world.
  • It is the only evil world to appear in two seasons.


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