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The Dust Men, also known as the Transians, are one of the antagonistic groups in the inFAMOUS series.



The Dust Men were homeless people that was lead by Alden Tate, where some of them gained powers after Cole MacGrath set off the Ray Sphere. They were first seen when Cole entered the Warren District, where they were willing to fire at him. The Dust Men once captured Zeke Dunber so that Alden could teach Cole a lesson, however this failed.

Cole later went to look for Alden but later had to fight against the Dust Men and a Metal Golem, only to hear that Alden has been arrested. They later appeared when Alden was sent to prison, where a bunch of them went to free him going through Cole MacGrath and succeeded since Zeke left his post. A Golem went to fight against Cole when he was making contact with John White but was defeated.

The Dust Men then went to accompany Alden Tate to the Historic District so that he could reclaim his birthright and fight against Kessler as well as the First Sons, they where throurted by Cole MacGrath on this attack however. Even after their defeat, the Dust Men still roam Empire City, only through two of the three districts however where they will act the same as when they are under the command of Alden Tate.


It can be assumed that almost all of the Dust Men died after the Beast destroyed Empire City.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

While the Dust Men do not appear in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, one of their bases or operations known as 'Alden's Tower' does. Alden's Tower act as a stage where Carmeletta Fox acts as a stage hazard and players have to head upwards until they reach the top.

List of Dust Men

  • Alden Tate (Leader).
  • Standard Dust Men.
  • Bombers.
  • Conduit Dust Men.
    • Armored Conduits.
    • Golems.
    • Scrap Crabs.


  • It is shown in one of the missions that Reapers where willing to give a construction worker to the Dust Men, making them just gang rivels compared to the First Sons.


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