Dusty Muleman is the main antagonist of the best-selling novel Flush by Carl Hiaasen.


Dusty "Money Man" Muleman is a slimy, corrupt casino owner who runs a gambling facility on his boat. Noah's father works for him but is thrown in jail after trying to sabotage the boat.

Dusty fathers a son, Jasper Jr., and has no regard for the waste that is being flushed into the ocean. The book revolves around Noah and his sister Abbey trying to clear their father's name and stop Dusty from disrupting the ecosystem. Noah and Abbey do what they can to stop the sabotage, but they have run-ins with Dusty's thuggish henchman, Luno.

The two of them do what they can to stop the flushing of the waste but are pursued by the people on the casino boat. The kids are rescued by an elderly man, who turns out to be their grandfather. Noah and Abbey's father is finally released from prison, and Dusty is fined by the coast guard for his actions, however the fine is the amount of money he makes each night.


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