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Well, well, well, if it isn't our little friend Danielle. What's the matter? Your mommy isn't here to dress you?
~ Dutch

Dutch is a major antagonist in the original Karate Kid. He was a student at the Cobra Kai Dojo and Johnny Lawrence’s right-hand man.

He was portrayed by Chad McQueen.


The Karate Kid

He along with his Cobra Kai gang harass and bully Daniel LaRusso. Some examples include Dutch along with the hang surrounding Daniel with their motorcycles and knocking him down a hill and beating him up on Halloween night.

Prior to the start of the All-Valley tournament, the Cobra Kai gang goes into Daniel's locker room where Dutch taunts and harasses Daniel, but all of them are forced to leave by the referee. Dutch is pitted against Daniel in the All Valley tournament. Despite starting strong by kicking Daniel, he is unable to maintain the momentum and is defeated by Daniel.

During the semifinals, he is shown smiling evilly when his teacher John Kreese instructs Dutch's fellow Cobra Kai member Bobby Brown to attack Daniel illegally.

The Karate Kid 2

When Kreese is berating and choking Johnny following his loss to Daniel in the tournament, Dutch despite present is facing the other side and does not attempt to stop Kreese.

The Karate Kid 3

Despite not making a single appearance, Dutch must have left Cobra Kai following Kreese's actions, as Kreese doesn't have any students left in the present day.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

Dutch does not appear but is shown in several flashbacks and mentioned by Johnny when he tells his student Miguel about his first encounter with Ali. 

Season 2

According to Johnny and former Cobra Kai members Bobby, Tommy and Jimmy, Dutch is in prison. 


Dutch, having been the most corrupted by John Kreese's vicious and unethical teachings, is extremely belligerent, hotheaded, short-tempered, sadistic, and intimidating.

He enjoys harassing Daniel. Dutch can be seen as much crueler than his friends, including Johnny as well. His instances of cruelty include not wanting to show Daniel mercy while beating him up on Halloween, taunting Daniel before the All Valley tournament, and approving of Kreese instructing Bobby to attack Daniel illegally. 

He doesn’t seem to even care for his friends either; he did nothing to help Johnny when John Kreese was choking him, unlike most of his other friends.

He is also known for committing crimes which has gotten him in trouble, such as breaking a dartboard while he was a teenager, which caused him to go to juvie for the first time, and committing a serious and unknown crime in adulthood, which resulted in him being sentenced to anywhere between 5 to 20 years in prison.


  • Dutch was originally planned to appear in the second season of Cobra Kai to reunite with Cobra Kai friends. However, Chad McQueen was unable to return because of scheduling conflicts with his car company, leading Dutch's inclusion to be dropped and rewritten to him being mentioned as having gone to prison.


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