Dutta is a supervillain from Marvel and an enemy of She-Hulk, although not obvious at first Dutta is also a parody of an infamous She-Hulk hater known as Barry Dutter - who continually plagued Marvel with hate-mail regarding She-Hulk in every comic she appeared in (ironically Dutter would later become a writer for Marvel).


Dutta was a citizen of Sub-Atomica who was imprisoned as a criminal until the Psycho-Man deposed Queen Pearla and made him one of his soldiers. After the Psycho-Man had captured the members of the Fantastic Four, he instilled within the She-Hulk an immense sense of fear.

Dutta was among the guards who kept the She-Hulk in line, ensuring that she would serve the Psycho-Man by performing manual labour, too afraid to oppose them. When the She-Hulk begged for water, Dutta responded by pouring sewage down her throat. Queen Pearla had managed to evade the Psycho-Man's forces, and came to help She-Hulk, but Dutta caught them together, and ran his spear through Pearla's shoulder.

Even after this, She-Hulk was still unable to oppose Dutta, but Pearla inspired She-Hulk to overcome her fear. With the words: "Dutta...SHUT UP!" she knocked him unconscious and helped bring Pearla to safety. The Psycho-Man was subsequently deposed.

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