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If you don't listen to me...then I am going to be one...angry...DADDY!
~ Dylan Fuentes to the non-compliant Nick Ramos

Dylan Fuentes is one the psychopaths that Nick encounters in the video game; Dead Rising 3.

Dylan stands out as one of the more outlandish. A deranged fetishist in mixed sex gear, Dylan has taken to abducting people to imprison in his S&M dungeon for his twisted desires. Out of the Psychopaths embodying the Seven Deadly Sins, Dylan (rather obviously) represents Lust.

Dead Rising 3

Nick enters a porn store and discovers a passageway heading into its basement area. It reveals itself to be an S&M dungeon lined with multiple sex-themed props, such as a stripper pole and go-go dancer cages filled with zombies. Seeing two people strapped against their will into chairs, Nick sets out to free them when Dylan appears, mistaking Nick's tripping for "presenting". Dylan initially demands that Nick perform sexual favors for him (notably asking Nick to "lick that lollipop"), saying that he will only be able to leave when he becomes obedient. When Nick refuses, Dylan leaps from his position and reveals himself dressed in mixed sex gear with his face obscured by a BDSM mask and a pink cowboy hat with molded hair that shows only his eyes and noticeably sharp teeth. He draws out a flamethrower/snowball cannon in the shape of male genitalia, dubbed in-game as the "Lust Cannon". True to form, he holds it at crotch level and makes lewd poses with it. Seeing that Nick won't partake in his sexual games, Dylan goes onto the attack.

Dylan primarily attacks using the flamethrower, especially in spurts and spin cycles-the latter tactic sometimes aided by his stripper pole. He will also utilize the weapon's snowball cannon feature, which can hit Nick or his hostages with a stream or shot of concentrated ice. If left alone long enough, Dylan will assault and torment his hostages, which can kill them unless Nick intervenes. After some effort, Nick defeats the Psychopath. Dylan complains about Nick's performance (noting that he "gave him blue balls") and presumably drops dead, succumbing to his wounds and suffocating on the fumes emitted from his weapon during the battle. Fittingly, his weapon spurts one final puff from its barrel upon death however it remains uncertain if he had died from fumes as he could of been rendered unconscious from the fight and fumes.


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