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So you show a little respect, WHEN SOMEONE OFFERS YOU A JOB!!!
~ Dylan, giving Sam Witwicky a demand.
I want to survive, and I want 40 more years! You think I wanted this? I inherited a client, either I deliver good or I end up iced!
~ Dylan explaining his affiliation with the Decepticons.
I just saved a whole other world! You think you're a hero, huh? YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO?! (Sam: I'm just the messenger.)
~ Dylan's last words to Sam before his death.

Dylan Gould is a major antagonist in the 2011 film Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He is the former CEO of Hotchkiss Gould Investments who is in league with the Decepticons.

He was portrayed by Patrick Dempsey in his first villainous role. His actor is also known for playing Dr. Derek Shepard in the Grey's Anatomy series.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Dylan Gould owns a multi-international car company known as Hotchkiss Gould Investments which Carly works for. Dylan reveals he is a human that works for the Decepticons when he tells Sam and Carly "My father always said when the war isn't yours, always join the winning side". When Sam and Carly begin to run from him he asks his maid if his revelation was too forward.

Dylan forces Sam into wearing a Decepticon watch that will try to obtain any Autobot secrets or tactics. When Sam tells Dylan that the Autobots have no plans of retaliation, Dylan then tells him he knew this was going to happen and orders Starscream to shoot down the ship carrying the Autobots. Dylan tried to keep Sam's girlfriend Carly captive and as his future wife.

Sam and the others rescue Carly and they shoot Dylan's penthouse. Laserbeak, Dylan's bodyguard, failed to kill Sam while Carly escaped from Dylan's evil henchman. Bumblebee killed all of Dylan's human bodyguards/allies who were working for Dylan. Dylan quickly notified Megatron about the entire situation and the Decepticon warships went looking for the Autobots.

In retaliation, Dylan commands Soundwave to shoot and kill the captive Autobots, beginning with Que getting killed by Barricade. However, the Autobots escape and killed most of the Decepticons. At the request of Sentinel Prime, Dylan attempts to restart the Control Pillar, only to have a confrontation with a perusing Sam. Dylan thinks that Sam wasn't going to kill him and taunted him, but Dylan is eventually killed when Sam hits him in the head with a metal rod with a cement block attached to it causing him to fall back in the Control Pillar electrocuting him to death. Dylan died in vain when the Control Pillar is destroyed and Earth is saved as well as avenging the Autobots that were killed in The Battle Of Chicago.


Dylan Gould was a selfish man who only cared about himself. All he was capable of thinking about was his own well being and safety without noticing good or evil. In fact, the concept of good and evil never seemed to cross his mind even once as he never gave an implication that he thought or knew the Decepticons were the bad guys (though he doubtless did know). He didn't think too much of humanity and he even restarted it after the Pillar was deactivated, showing that he would have ended his own world just to survive. He also tried to make Carly Spencer his wife and imprisoned her like a sex slave as he took advantage of the Decepticons keeping the police and military occupied. Unfortunately, little did he actually know that the Decepticons likely planned to do away with him and the others like they did with the rest of the collaborators. 



  • As the movie progresses, Dylan and Carly appear to have some history together. It is possible that they were boyfriend and girlfriend (if that were true, that would mean that Carly was either cheating on Sam or was in a forced relationship with Dylan).
  • According to the comic book adaptation of the movie, Dylan told Soundwave to kill the Autobot prisoners because Bumblebee tried firing at him from the warship and destroyed his apartment. 
  • Despite claiming that he does not want to work for the Decepticons, Dylan still continues to aid them in turning on the Control Pillar even when it appears the Autobots are winning. Though of course it would stand to reason that Dylan didn't want the Autobots and NEST to punish him for cowardly aiding the Decepticons. 
  • Dylan Gould is the second human antagonist after Theodore Galloway and also the secondary human villain before James Savoy.
  • Dylan once states that he gained the job for working with the Decepticons when his father died.
  • Dylan Gould is loosely based on Shawn Berger; a Decepticon-allied businessman from the original G1 Transformers series. However, he bears more similarity to Ali, another Decepticon-allied human, than Berger.
  • In the IDW Comics, Dylan is more willing to commit evil for Decepticons and acts much more egomaniacal than his film counterpart.
  • It's possible the Decepticons were planning to betray him once he outlived his usefulness.
  • Fans of the series found his character to be rather annoying and whiny. 


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