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Nice pep speech, John. Take you long to memorize it?
~ Stone to Taylor in the prequel comics.

Commander Dylan Stone is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2015 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops III and a major protagonist in the Black Ops III prequel comic.

He was military soldier of the Winslow Accord and member of Team Phi, and after learning of the Coalescence Corporation's long dead project in Singapore, decided to defect and expose the corporation's crimes. Though he doesn't appear in the campaign, Stone's actions would lead to the augmentation of John Taylor, and later the possible disbandment of Coalesence following Corvus' campaign.


Early life

Dylan Stone was born in Los Angeles in 2025 before the drone attacks orchestrated by Raul Menendez, leader of the terrorist organization, Cordis Die. Menendez was later killed by Navy SEAL Commander David "Section" Mason in Haiti, and the former's actions caused the creation of the Directed Energy Air Defense (D.E.A.D.) System.

In 2043, Stone enrolled at West Point Academy, but had to recomplete his first year there after being busted for insubordination. He later graduated in 2048, and completed his medical training when he enlisted in the 5th Special Forces Group in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Team Phi

Stone was selected for the Winslow Accord's special forces in 2054, and was transferred to Phi, a team assigned to do wet work and assassinations in 2058. He was under the command of Jacob Hendricks, and was teammates with John Taylor, Eamon Xu, and Hussein Patel. Stone and the team would carry out assassinations, and also go against the Russians and the assassins Mokrie and Krasney Baba during many of their missions.

Phi would later get new members, such as the sniper Alice Conrad, engineer Javier Ramirez, demolitions expert Joseph Fierro, and driver Haruko Mandelbaum. The team succeeded in killing the Baba's, and the unknown Russian party's command, Elena, wiped the system and decides to not go after Phi.


In 2064, Stone, Conrad, Ramirez and Fierro were operating in the quarantine zone in Singapore, as they responded to a alert signal originating under the abandoned Coalescence facility. Stone and his team found he area ransacked by the 54 Immortals, and decided to eliminate the 54i forces during their search. After clearing the area of the 54 Immortals, Stone and hi team discovered the remains of a long dead CIA black project, SP/CORVUS. The project consisted of human test subjects, and it became clear that the unknown gas that caused the disaster originated from the building.

Upon finding the discovery, Stone informed the CIA, and they decided to silence him and his team to ensure the project stayed a secret. The agency called Stone's team to a nearby black station to be killed, but Dylan caught wind of their plans, and slaughtered the staff. The team became wanted by the CIA, and Stone convinced his allies to defect to the Common Defense Pact and expose the CIA's crimes. They proceeded to steal the data drives that contained sensitive information, and became allies of the 54 Immortals by leaking CIA files in exchange for safe passage out of Singapore.

Stone and his team's actions were notified by the Winslow Accord, and their former allies, Taylor and Hendricks were assigned by the CIA to eliminate them. Taylor and Hendricks were partnered with their handler, agent Rachel Kane, and managed to kill Ramirez at the abandoned Coalescence facility. However, Stone, Conrad and Fierro managed to flee to Egypt, and the information leaked to the 54 Immortals helped them target a CIA safehouse. The Immortals' leader, Goh Xiulan swore vengeance for the outside world leaving people to die upon the disaster, and for the death of her brother, Goh Min by Hendricks and Taylor. She captured Kane, who was stationed at the safehouse, and was later killed by Taylor.

Stone and his team went on the search for one of the survivors of the Coalescence disaster - Dr. Yousef Salim, because he was the psychotherapist for the black project. The team leaked information regarding the Egyptian Army's weak points to the Nile River Coalition, and they used the NRC's assault as a distraction to capture Salim from Ramses Station. Stone interrogated Dr. Salim in Kebechet, and learned that Salim was working on giving comfort test subjects by creating the "Frozen Forest", and revealed the main behind SP/CORVUS was Sebastian Krueger. Krueger was the CEO of the Coalescence Corporation, and Salim informed Stone that he was continuing the project in Zürich, Switzerland.

Stone decided his goal was to kidnap Krueger and have him be punished for his crimes, and executed Salim after learning that Krueger was behind the project. Stone's team was tracked down by Taylor and Hendricks, and managed to capture Conrad and interrogate her for information about Stone's motives. Stone and Fierro managed to escape, but Conrad gave up where they were going, and was killed by Taylor. Stone and Fierro were able to get to the Sub-Cairo Aquifer under NRC projection, and planned their next move until they were interrupted by an Egyptian Army assault. Stone once again managed to escape from his former comrades, but Fierro was cornered and killed by Taylor.

Stone made it to the safety of the NRC, who had put him under safeguard in their occupied Lotus Towers, but a civilian uprising was incited by Egyptian Army lieutenant Zeyad Khalil. The uprising was able to proceed by Taylor killing NRC general Abasi Hakim, leading to the NRC to be surprised by the uprising, and allowing Taylor and Hendricks to use the assault as an distraction to capture Stone. During the uprising, Khalil was captured by NRC forces, and Stone retreated to the roof of the towers and attempted to escape. Confronted by Taylor, Stone defeated and nearly killed Taylor, crippling him, but was shot and killed by Hendricks.


Stone and his teammates never succeeded in finding and confronting Sebastian Krueger, and the data that exposed the CIA's responsibility for the Singapore was dismissed as Common Defense Pact propaganda. Team Phi was disbanded after his defection, and Hendricks decided to quit wet work and do hostage rescues with a new team. Taylor became a valuable asset due to saving the WA and CIA from public disgrace, and became a subject for Project Prometheus. He was given cybernetic augmentations for his crippling injuries, and a Direct Neural Interface, and became the commander of a "Cyber Ops" unit.

When Hendricks subordinate, the Player, was critically injured during thee rescue of Prime Minister Said and Khalil, Taylor managed to rescue them, and they were prepared for surgery. During the surgery, the Player died from their injuries, and due to them having a D.N.I. planted, caused Corvus to emerge. Taylor interfaced with the Player during their death, causing Corvus to enter into Taylor's D.N.I., and used Taylor's memories to learn about it's creation.

The virus was able to use Taylor's memories about the manhunt on Dylan Stone to guide the Player to learn about it's origins, and replaced Stone with Taylor and his team - Sarah Hall, Sebastian Diaz and Peter Maretti. Stone's last goal was mostly succeeded by Hendricks, who became infected with Corvus and decided to confront Krueger about his actions.


It's Jacob's job to be pissed. It's our job to keep Jacob from getting pissed.
~ Stone on Jacob Hendricks.
Got a good quip for Patel for Hussiein Patel?
~ Dylan Stone.
Roger that, Jacob. Windy as hell up here, but we are set to rock and roll. Is John on target?
~ Stone to Hendricks.
Shoot anything that isn't John Taylor or Javier Ramirez.
~ Dylan Stone.



  • Despite not appearing in Black Ops III, his actions resulted in the disbandment of Team Phi and Taylor having to receive augmentations.
  • In the prequel comics, he was created by Larry Hama, Marcelo Ferreira and Dan Jackson.

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