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Dynamir was one of the 8 phantom beast Warriors. Dynamir had the spirit of the ox. Dynamir was the main antagonist of the episode "Blue Ranger, Twin Danger". He has the power unleash energy boomerangs. He was voiced by Geoff Houtman.


Dynamir was revived along with the other 8 phantom beast warriors, and later  sent to earth along with the 3 brainwashed spirit rangers to capture the 5 power rangers in his mirrors by using his boomerangs. Dynamir also captured Lewin which he thought it was Theo until Theo showed up to Dynamir. When the mirrors broke Dynamir grew giant, but Dynamir was destroyed by the rhino pride megazord. Dynamir was revived by Dai shi along with the other 9 phantom beasts but was destroyed by the 7 Pai Zhuq masters.

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