Dynamir was one of the 8 phantom beast warriors. Dynamir held the spirit of the ox. He can trap people in his mirrors using energy boomerangs. He was the main antagonist of the episode "Blue Ranger, Twin Danger". Dynamir is voiced by Geoff Houtman.


Dynamir revived by scorch along with the other 8 phantom beast warriors. Dynamir was sent to cause misery in the city along with the brainwashed spirit rangers. Dynamir captured the 4 jungle fury red rangers in his mirrors. Dynamir also captured Lewis Which he thought it was lewin’s twin brother, Theo until Theo showed up. Theo was able to make the spirit rangers disappear. Theo destroyed Dynamir and freed his friends and Lewin from the mirrors. When Dynamir grew giant he was destroyed by the rhino pride mega Zord. When Dynamir got revived he is destroyed again by the pai Zhuq masters.

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