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Dyrandoh is a member of the Zangyack Imperial Guard, accompanying Ackdos Gill to the Gigant Horse and becoming the invasion force's new second-in-command. A cocky and arrogant figure in personality, Dyrandoh often spurts out English words in his dialogue and uses the catchphrase, in his sentences. He carries a giant mallet that he enlarges to execute his Giant Hammer attack.

He was voiced by Masashi Ebara who previously voiced PP Rappa from 1996 TV series called Gekisou Sentai Carranger.


Dyrandoh and Zatsurig accompanied Ackdos Gill to the Gigant Horse when the Emperor decided to take charge in the invasion of Earth after the death of his son, Warz Gill. Dyrandoh replaced Damaras as the invasion force's second-in-command after the later was imprisoned. Zatsurig went to fight the Gokaigers but was destroyed, this shocked Dyrandoh, who noted that Zatsurig was supposed to be as good as him.

As the Gokaigers defeated Zangyack attacks with ease, Dyrandoh requested that he fight the Gokaigers himself. However, Insarn pleaded to the Emperor to let Damaras destroy them. The Emperor agreed and Dyrandoh informed Damaras that he would be given a chance to avenge Warz Gill's death. Ep. 42: The Strongest Man in the Universe Thanks to Basco's betrayal and the heroic intervention of Don Dogoier, Damaras was destroyed. Dyrandoh was dissapointed to see Damaras fail.

As the Christmas holiday occured on Earth, Dyrandoh arrived on the planet with Action Commander Bibaboo to use his power to turn people into dolls. The two, along with a duo of Dogormin, encountered Luka Millfy and Gai Ikari, with Gai getting turned into a doll. The rest of the Gokaigers arrived and fought the Zangyack before GokaiYellow joined the fray. Using the Kakuranger Keys to gain the advantage, the Gokaigers were caught off guard by Dyrandoh's hammer as they run off. Luka was turned into a doll by Bibabu but a civilian who had transformed into GokaiYellow snatched his Biba Stick and returned everyone to normal before the stick was destroyed. The Dogormin were taken out by the Gokaigers using the power of past Yellow Rangers. The Gokaigers used the Battle Fever J Keys to fight the guardsmen while GokaiSilver uses the GokaiRed and GokaiGreen Keys to become the two-toned GokaiChristmas. Dyrandoh escaped as they used their finisher attacks on Bibabu.

Once Insarn was killed off by the Gokaigers, Dyrandoh proceeded to lead the entire Zangyack armada on the Gokaigers.

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