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Dyudyuonshu is a supporting antagonist in Kamen Rider Gaim. He is a Dark Green Overlord Inves and is responsible for countless murders of the old civilization trapped in the Helheim Forest, and has targeted Japan next.

He was voiced by Yōji Ueda.


Dyudyuonshu is summoned by Redyue to aid Mitsuzane in killing Kouta Kazuraba. Putting up more than a fight than Demushu, Dyudyuonshu is able to even be on par or stronger than Kachidoki Arms. However, when Kouta becomes enraged that Zangetsu Shin isn't Takatora Kureshima, Dyudyuonshu is destroyed when he takes a DJ Gun (Ichigo Charge) meant for Zangetsu Shin with Mitsuzane slashing Dyudyuonshu to use the explosion as cover for the latter to escape.


Dyudyuonshu appears to be extremely loyal towards Redyue. Furthermore, he is also portrayed as a confident opponent.


Dyudyuonshu was more agile in combats, as seen able to perform high jump. His known powers were generating quicksand on the opponent and spitting fireballs from his mouth. His main weapon is a Kris-designed broadsword that able to absorb energies and repel it back to his opponents.



The origin of its name "デュデュオンシュ" might be coming from "スザク", which is the Japanese name of the Vermilion Bird.

Physical appearance

Dyudyuonshu appears to be influenced from Vermilion Bird and Hindu Gods. His design and weapon, the kris-themed broadsword also reflects the Hindu and Buddha civilizations at the Southeast Asia.


Dyudyuonshu and the other Over Lords seemingly have their own language. This is similar to the Gurongi Language from Kamen Rider Kuuga, the Undead from Blade and Fangire from Kiva, in which an enemy faction has its own language that the Japanese do not understand. As with the Gurongi, Japanese subtitles are not provided for Dyudyuonshu's speech, it is unknown if they will be provided in a later release such as a TV rerun or DVD release.


  • Despite him being an Over Lord Inves, but Dyudyuonshu was the first to make the shortest appearance in the series similar to a regular Kaijin-of-the-week in all Kamen Rider Series.


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