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An Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier—or E.M.M.I.—is a highly agile research robot equipped with the ability to extract DNA. The Galactic Federation dispatched several to the uncharted planet ZDR in order to research the X parasite, a lifeform with mimicking capabilities. But, somehow, the E.M.M.I. on ZDR went dark.
On her subsequent mission to investigate what's happening on ZDR, Samus encounters the E.M.M.I.—only to find their behaviors and intent seemingly corrupted.
~ The Metroid Dread report "What are E.M.M.I.?" on the E.M.M.I..

The Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers, better known as the E.M.M.I., are the secondary antagonistic force in Metroid Dread. They were a special line of robots created by the Galactic Federation that were sent to the planet ZDR to investigate on whether there are X-Parasites on the planet or not. However, they were then reprogrammed by Raven Beak to capture Samus Aran and drain her of her Metroid DNA.


The E.M.M.I. possess a robotic exoskeleton, with metallic plates covering most of their body. These plates make them resistant to all normal weaponry due to being forged from the toughest metals in the galaxy. their bodies are made long and slim to make them maneuverable thru whatever surface, with four limbs that end on sharp four-fingered claws to not only aid in their maneuverability but also in restraining their enemies. they are also extremely flexible and can contort bodies into whatever shape to maneuver thru tight spaces. Their heads are small with one big eye that glows from yellow to red when spotting its target. Within that eye lies a large syringe meant for extracting the DNA of organic lifeforms. The E.M.M.I.'s main purpose is to explore planets that are far too dangerous and inhospitable for people to enter and extract the DNA of the planet's lifeforms for study. However, during the expedition to ZDR, all E.M.M.I. on the planet were reprogramed by Raven Beak to act as his enforcers and more importantly to hunt down Samus Aran and extract her Metroid DNA for Raven Beak to use for his twisted ambitions.


The E.M.M.I. were created by Exelion Star Corporation and used by the Galactic Federation to explore and study planets that are too dangerous for real researchers to explore. Sometime after the events of Metroid Fusion, a mysterious video was leaked to the Galactic Federation showing that the X-Parasites have been found on the planet ZDR. Wasting no time, the Federation dispatched seven E.M.M.I. into the planet's surface in search for whether the video evidence was real or not. However, sometime during their expedition, the E.M.M.I. seemingly vanished from the radar, and so Bounty Hunter Samus Aran was sent to ZDR to find out what happened to them.

Upon exploration, Samus encounters one of the E.M.M.I., only to quickly find out that it has become hostile and starts pursuing her. After defeating a powerful Chozo robot called a Central Unit, Samus was able to destroy the first E.M.M.I. she encountered thanks to the Omega Cannon that the Central Unit gifted her. ADAM then informs Samus that it's very likely that all the other E.M.M.I. have been hacked somehow and that she should be on high alert when exploring ZDR.

Further exploration, Samus encounters three of the six remaining E.M.M.I. each, all start relentlessly pursuing her once more until she's able to destroy them one by one with an Omega Cannon blast from the Central Units she's defeated. Samus then comes across a mural with a mysterious Chozo taking center stage, when she is suddenly ambushed and snatch by the fourth remaining E.M.M.I. But before the E.M.M.I. could do anything, it is suddenly deactivated by a friendly Chozo named Quiet Robe. Quiet Robe Explains that the E.M.M.I. have all been reprogrammed by the Chozo general Raven Beak to hunt down Samus and extract her Metroid DNA so that he could create an army of cloned Metroids to conquer the galaxy. Quiet Rope implores Samus to stop Raven Beak and put an end to his twisted ambitions but before he could explain further, he is killed by one of Raven Beak's X-infected soldiers. After his death, an X-Parasite reanimates Quite Robe's corpse and uses it to reactivate the remaining E.M.M.I.

Samus encounters, fights, and defeats the three remaining E.M.M.I. left gaining new abilities along the way, until eventually, only Raven Beak was left as the last opponent in her mission.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the E.M.M.I. are represented through a Ace-level Attack-type spirit that was first introduced in the Spirits of Dread spirit board event, with the spirit giving the user faster movement speed when used. The E.M.M.I.'s spirit battle involves the player fighting a R.O.B. on the Battlefield form of Brinstar Depths, with both fighters starting the fight with only thirty HP, and the R.O.B. gaining invincibility, faster movement speed, and stronger attacks for a short amount of time.

Tetris 99

E.M.M.I.-02SM was featured on a Metroid Dread-themed board during an event from October 29th to November 3rd.



The first E.M.M.I. Samus discovers, not long after first entering Artaria. It is severely damaged and only has the ability to slowly walk towards Samus unlike the other E.M.M.I. she later fights. One of the Chozo Archives reveals the E.M.M.I. was damaged by Raven Beak who defeated it in battle. Also unlike the other E.M.M.I., the Central Unit is already destroyed, which allows Samus to obtain the Omega Blaster and destroy the E.M.M.I.


The second E.M.M.I. to be encountered, and the first true adversary, found later on in Artaria. Due to Samus' lack of any abilities to fight against it, her only option is to run until she could find the Central Unit and destroy it, allowing her to obtain the Omega Blaster and finish off the E.M.M.I. Samus obtains the Spider Magnet ability after destroying it.


The third E.M.M.I. to be encountered, found in Cataris. It has the ability to go through tight air vents to bypass obstacles or find an alternative route to pursue after Samus. Samus obtains the Morph Ball ability after destroying it.


The fourth E.M.M.I. to be encountered, found in Dairon. It has the ability to run at extremely fast speeds, allowing it to easily catch up to Samus. However, it takes time to charge and cannot run on walls or through vents. Samus obtains the Speed Booster ability after destroying it.


The fifth E.M.M.I. to be encountered, found in Ghavoran. At first it is inactive due to Quiet Robe hacking it, but springs to life after Quiet Robe is copied by an X Parasite. If Samus is spotted on the E.M.M.I.'s spotlight, it temporarily freezes her in place. Samus obtains the Ice Missile ability after destroying it.


The sixth E.M.M.I. to be encountered, found in Ferenia. Like E.M.M.I.-05IM, this E.M.M.I. is deactivated by Quiet Robe until reactivated by his X copy. It has a much larger spotlight than the other E.M.M.I., and has the ability to see through walls. While chasing Samus, it can shoot a beam at her to temporarily stun her, although its stun does not last as long as E.M.M.I.-05IM. Samus obtains the Wave Beam after destroying it.


The seventh and last E.M.M.I. to be encountered, found in Hanubia. Unlike the other E.M.M.I. previously fought, E.M.M.I.-07PB easily overwhelms Samus with an explosive energy that stuns her long enough for the E.M.M.I. to pin her down. Before it can impale her with its spike, Samus grabs it and absorbs the E.M.M.I.'s energy with her Metroid powers, disabling it. Samus obtains Power Bombs after destroying it.





  • With the exception of E.M.M.I.-07PB, all E.M.M.I. have the same death animation.
  • In the internal files, the E.M.M.I. are called Emmy. Their full names are Emmy Proto (01P), Emmy Cave (02SM), Emmy Magma (03MB), Emmy Lab (04SB), Emmy Forest (05IM), Emmy Sanc (06WB), and Emmy Shipyard (07PB).
  • E.M.M.I.-02SM appears in the tutorial for Phantom Cloak, despite Samus normally obtaining the Phantom Cloak after defeating E.M.M.I.-02SM.


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