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EMBER is a villainous organization in UnOrdinary. They are secretly a government task force hired by the Authorities to kill off all superheroes. It is also responsible for the distribution of ability amplify drugs to known criminals.


EMBER came to be after the publishing of the controversial book Unordinary, which encouraged people to become superheroes. They were funded by the Authorities (their world's government) to destroy all copies of the book and kill anybody inspired by it's message.


EMBER is famously known in their world for the murder of multiple high-tiers, such as Remi's brother, Rei. They are strongly against the idea of vigilantism, because they supposed think that high-tiers will all eventually give into greed.

They are also responsible for the distribution of ability amplifying drugs. These are mainly sold to criminals who live in low-tier districts, so they do not draw attention to themselves.


The only known member of EMBER thus far is Volcan, a powerful lady with the ability to wield claws of fire.


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