The EVAC Industry is the villainous superorganization and the military industrial complex from the video game Ketsui. A weapons dealing organization, they arose around year 2054, during a time that a great conflict between the nations started due to the depletion of Earth's natural resources caused by global warming and environmental cataclysm, which eventually culminated into World War III.

EVAC made an extraordinary profit over the conflict, selling the most advanced weapons to all nations involved in the war, no matter the side, and at times directly intervening in the conflict to prolong it further. The United Nations eventually discovered their involvement in the war and filed formal complaint that EVACS end their selling and manufacturing of weapons but failed to negotiate with the company to end the conflict: at which time EVAC was already powerful enough to defy UN and easily destroy the world, owning it's own cities and military bases, as well as it's own army and a vast arsenal of powerful weapons and war machines. EVAC was controlled by a director board, whose members were unknown even to the company's members. They possessed a huge weapons facility, where they researched new technology for warfare.

Unable to directly intervene against EVAC, the United Nations were forced to call a covert operation to bring down the company. Using stolen blueprints from EVAC, they developed two helicopters carrying EVAC's insignia, and set up a strike force of four pilots, who were to infiltrate EVAC and stage a rebellion within their forces. The operation couldn't be tracked down to UN by any means, which meant that, even if the operation were a success, the pilots would have to sacrifice themselves in the end by destroying their ships and their own lives, something they were already aware of. In compensation for their sacrifice, UN promised to grant a special wish for them, should they succeed. The pilots break through EVAC's defenses and invade their weapons facility, accomplishing their mission after destroying Evaccaneer DOOM. Though they are officially declared Killed in Action, they not only survived the mission but also took over control of the company, turning it's efforts for the restoration of peace.

EVAC INDUSTRY - Day of Judgment (Stage5)

EVAC INDUSTRY - Day of Judgment (Stage5)

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