E Corp is the largest multi-national conglomerates in the world, and serves as the overarching antagonist in the first two seasons of the USA Network drama series Mr. Robot.

The protagonist Elliot Anderson has programmed himself to refer to the organisation as "Evil Corp" every time he hears or see the name.


Lester Moore became the CEO of E Corp in 1986 and under him the company became the biggest employer in the world by 1990 and in 1992 E Bank became the world's largest consumer.

In 1992 there was toxic gas leak in the Washington Township power plant, which resulted in several workers getting leukemia. The leak happened, becasue the exceutives didn't see it worth the cost to upgrade the facility. Among the people who got leukemia were Edward Alderson and Emily Moss, paretns to future fsociety members Elliot Alderson, Darelene Alderson and Angela Moss. The decission was made by high ranking exectuive Terry Colby, Jim Chutney and Saul Weinberg, and the legal actions were taken care by Susan Jacobs .

In 1995 Lester Moore died in a place crash, and Phillip Price became the new CEO of the company. While to the public and most of the world the crash looked like an accdient, it was actually arrangd by Whiterose and the Dark Army, and something to do with their interest in the Washington Township power plant.

In 2015 E Crop was breached by fsociety and the Dark Army in a series of hacks known as the 5/9 hacks. All of E Corp's debt around the world was encrypted, which led to countless other misfortunes of the company. In the following months several high ranking executives were arrested, among them Jim Chutney, Saul Weinberg and Scott Knowles, though most arrests were related to crimes not involved with the company. On September 29th 71 facilities across America were bombed by the Dark Army, killing thousands of employees. This shook even Phillip Price, who tried to confront White Rose about this, but was told that he should consider to retire from being the CEO.


  • Bank of E Network
  • E Coin
  • E Corp Power
  • E-Mart
  • Sound & Fury Entertainment (Technology Manufacturing)
  • Tremont Productions Inc. (Media Production)
  • E Corp Labs
  • E Phone
  • E Realty
  • E Shipping
  • E Corp Home Entertainment



  • The logo of E Crop is influenced by the logo of the Enron, an infamous, real life energy corporation that went bankrupt in 2001.