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Gotta get above it! Gotta fly! Gotta soar like an angel!
~ Eagle the Archer last words before being grinded by an airplane propeller.
Uh, for me, my aha moment came with a hostage situation at Kroger. Multiple shooters. I showed up, I'm letting arrows fly, my aim is perfect. But... there's only so many arrows a quiver can hold. I just ran out. And then, we lost a lot of good people that day. Then you start to question like, f***ing arrows against TEC-9s? But I came to see that archery isn't irrelevant, it's timeless. It's a pure and ancient art. Carol helped me see that.
~ Eagle the Archer to the Deep in the TV series.

Eagle the Archer is posthumous minor antagonist in comic book series The Boys, and supporting character in second season of it's TV series adaptation of the same name.

In the TV series, he was portrayed by Langston Kerman.



The first Eagle the Archer was part of The Avenging Squad's superhero team and participated in World War 2. He and his team helped Greg Mallory's brigade in the fight against the Nazis. One day, they fell into a Nazi ambush where the rest of The Avenging Squad were shot by them. Eagle flew into the air but was accidentally shredded by a friendly plane, and its remains fell to the ground, where the German tank crushed them.

The second Eagle the Archer was a member of Payback and was unseen. Despite this, Eagle the Archer appeared on the cover of the comic book Payback which was shown to Hughie. When Butcher talks to Tek Knight, he tells him that Eagle "got coked off his tits" and that he had beaten up his girlfriend putting her into a coma. Butcher blackmailed him by not disclosing it in exchange for information about his other teammates. Eagle The Archer was never mentioned afterwards.

TV Series

Eagle the Archer appears in TV Series as a member of the Church of the Collective.


  • In the comics, he is parody of Hawkman, while in the TV series, he is more of a parody of Green Arrow, Red Arrow, and Hawkeye.


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