Eagleator is the main antagonist of the Unikitty! episode "Action Forest". He is Hawkodile's arch-rival and former best friend.

He was voiced by Keith Ferguson.


Not much is known about Eagleator's early life. He and Hawkodile were best friends when they were younger, training together under the same master. When Hawkodile was awarded a pair of sunglasses and not him, he lashed out and nearly destroyed the whole dojo. Eagleator later became vengeful and vows to get revenge on Hawkodile.

In "Action Forest", Eagleator gets his revenge on Hawkodile and steals his shades which means he can't see as he sensitive to sunlight. When Hawkodile tells the story about him and Eagleator, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard were enamored by Hawkodile's story, Unikitty was in tears, declaring it the saddest story she ever heard. They wanted to make it up to him but they were not equipped in fighting, leading them to Action Forest train to defeat Eagleator. However it only learnt them how to be cool instead of fighting unfortuantely. At the end Hawkodile retrieves his shades and tries to lend a hand to Eagleator. Eagleator refuses, vowing revenge again towards Hawkodile, as he flies off. It's unknown if he'll return in another episode.


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