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The Eagles are the (former) secondary antagonists in the 2012 computer-animated Christmas film Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure. They are the henchmen/minions of White Wolf (who is the main antagonist of the film). A few notable eagles include Boss and his companions, Thug, Eddie, and Speedy, who mostly talk for the non-speaking eagles in their flock.


Prior to the movie events, the Eagles were rulers of the skies but were banished by the Flying Forces and forced to live secluded in a creepy hovel somewhere in the outskirts of Lapland. They soon came in contact with White Wolf, who charmed the Eagles into following her orders. The Eagles soon became part of White Wolf's plot to help capture Niko, who White Wolf has a personal hatred for.

When Niko escaped from the eagles' lair, White Wolf used the Eagles' grudge against the Flying Forces to rally them to her cause. With her leadership, they were able to capture the Flying Forces at Santa's Fell to lure Niko there, and partake in White Wolf's pursuit of Niko. The Flying Forces were soon freed by Tobias, Wilma and Julius, and were able to drive away the eagles from Santa's Fell with relative ease.

When White Wolf was defeated, the Eagles retreated back to their hovel, where Santa Claus delivered a Christmas gift to them in the form of a wrapped-up White Wolf. They soon decided that they plan on being good for the rest of the year in hopes of getting another present. When they asked White Wolf of her opinion on the matter, White Wolf couldn't respond due to being wrapped up, but the Eagles received a recorded 'I love you' from one of the many dolls entangling her, to which they respond by saying they love White Wolf as well.



  • Despite helping White Wolf on her quest for vengeance, the Eagles were good, according to Santa, who delivered White Wolf to them as a Christmas gift. This is likely because White Wolf manipulated the Eagles into going along with her plan.


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