I've always maintained two smashed knees are worth a thousand words.
~ Earl

Earl is a minor villain in the video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He is encountered during the quest A Dangerous Game.


Earl is a criminal from Novigrad who, alongside his companion Duke, surfacing after the defeat of Whoreson jr.. He and Duke realise that there is an immense profit to be made in selling rare gwent cards to the right buyers. When finding out that Zoltan Chivay is also searching for the three gwent cards Isengrim Faoiltiarna, John Natalis and Fringilla Vigo, the two confront him in front of the Rosemary and Thyme to threaten him into staying out of the business. They are stopped when Geralt arrives and harshly sends them off. Zoltan then reveals to Geralt who the two were and asks Geralt to help him find the cards before Earl and Duke can.

During the quest, Earl is encountered again in the tavern The Golden Sturgeon. There, he and two of his men have captured Ravvy, the owner of the John Natalis card. They have taken the card from Ravvy and as Geralt enters the room, Earl forces Ravvy to play a game of Gwent with Ravvy's life at stake. To save Ravvy, Geralt has to play the game against Earl. However, once the game is over and Geralt has won, Earl orders his men to kill Ravvy nonetheless. The men and Earl are then killed by Geralt.


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