Earl Garver is an antagonist in Superman: The Animated Series. He was Star Labs scientist and later blackmailed Metropolis for millions of dollars. He planted a bomb in Metropolis and wouldn't reveal the location until he gets the money.

Superman and the Metropolis Police Department breached into Garver's house to stop his schemes. Superman activated one of Garver's trap which dropped a pillar on the Man of Steel. In turn, Earl was knocked out by a cable and was sent into a comatose. The police had Parasite read his mind so they can find the location of the bomb. Garver managed to take control of Parasite and led Maggie Sawyer and Superman to a decoy spot of the bomb. He teams with Parasite when he offered him to find a way to keep his powers permanetely. Parasite agreed to Garver's terms and aided him in his blackmail scheme by allowing Garver to take control of his body.

Superman delivers the money to Garver at an abandoned subway terminal. Garver decides to detonate the bomb and sets the timer for two minutes. Since his body was miles away from the area, Garver doesn't seem to be worried about bomb's denotation while Parasite finds out that he has been a pawn in Earl's scheme. They fought each other for the possession of Parasite's body with Garver being the victor. Superman knocks out Parasite and Earl Garver by throwing the bomb into a deep pit. Earl wakes up from his coma only to find that Superman is sending him to prison. 


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