Sorry birdie, this buffet has been cancelled...but...there's civil servant lunch over that hill.

Earl Raymond Diggs (Kyle Maclachlan) was a villain introduced in HBO's Tales From the Crypt. He appeared in the season 3 episode Carrion Death.

Early Life

Diggs was a very dangerous criminal located in the state of Arizona. He apparently brutally murdered three Phoenix nursing students and mutilated the dead bodies of women he killed. He was arrested and sent to Yuma Prison where he was put on death row. 


Diggs escaped Yuma Prison hours before he was to be executed. He faked illness and killed a prison doctor as well as a prison guard. He escaped in the doctor's late model Cadillac and robbed a nearby bank. He killed a female employer because she did not hand over the money quick enough, as well as a police officer. An Arizona state trooper pursued Diggs on his motorcycle where they exchanged gun fire and the state trooper was hit off his motorcycle. The unmanned motorcycle wrecked Diggs' getaway car, forcing him to travel on foot. He hoped to escape and cross over into Mexico to disappear from the authorities. Unfortunately for Diggs, the cop survived and resumed his pursuit of Diggs into the scorching Arizona desert. A large buzzard also followed in pursuit of Diggs which visibly annoyed him. He ended up dropping one of his money bags while running from the cop in the process. While wandering the desert, he found an abandoned beer shack and attempted looking for water. He was caught by the cop and handcuffed to him. Diggs took the cop's gun and shot and killed the cop in the chest. Unfortunately for Diggs, the cop swallowed the key before he died. This prevented Diggs from unlocking the cuffs and freeing him from his corpse. He was forced to carry the cop's heavy corpse over his shoulders through the desert, in order to reach the freedom of Mexico. The buzzard continued to pursue Diggs during his trek. As Diggs got closer and closer to the border, he began to mock the vulture, stating that within five minutes he would need to be extradited. Once Diggs finally reached the Mexican border atop a large mountain, he was able to look off into Mexico much to his joy. However, the weight of the dead cop handcuffed to him caused him to tumble halfway down the mountain. Determined to escape, he gets the idea to use the cop's badge as a makeshift axe using a wooden stick to hack the cop's hand off, freeing him. Suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration, he accidentally hacks his own hand off which sends him further down the mountain. When he regains consciousness, he is horrified that he is now paralyzed from a broken neck. The vulture flies down towards Diggs and begins eating his face and eyes, causing him to shout with horror.