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Earl Unger is one of the secondary antagonists of the 1997 family comedy film Home Alone 3.

He is portrayed by David Thornton,


In the beginning, Earl Unger is first seen scanning his gang's associate which he confirms to his leader, Peter Beaupre, who's given the computer missile-cloaking chip. With the chip given to them, Unger and Burton Jernigan give their associate his payment and leave after Beaupre and Alice Ribbons hide the chip in a toy car.

At the airport, Unger and his companions manage to get pass security with the chip hidden in the toy car. However, a luggage mix-up occurs, causing the toy car to end up with an old woman named Mrs. Hess. Alice confirms the toy car is no longer in their possession when she takes a bag full of sourdough bread, leading the group to look for their bag throughout the airport. Beaupre, who had been examining the flight departures, suspects their bag to be on a plane to Chicago so Earl and his allies go to board it.

After he and Burton fall into Alex's pool trap, they are arrested by the police for their crimes. In the final scene, Burton and the rest of the criminals are getting their mugshots taken and appear to have caught Alex's chickenpox.



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