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Earle Williams is an antagonist in Fallout 76. He is a powerful Wendigo Colossus found in the Monongah Mine during the quest "A Colossal Problem".


When Hornwright Industrial bought the rights to Monongah Mine in 2075, the automated miners ended up draining the mine's coal veins within months, leaving the mine dried up by January 2076. With the mine drained as far as they knew, HWI prepared to pack up and leave, sealing the mine before they departed. Earle and a few other miners, in a drunken stupor, decided to enter the mine to steal a few HWI supplies before they were all packed up and taken, but unknown to them, the foreman blew up the entrance and sealed them inside, unaware of what he had done.

When Earle's daughter Maggie knew what happened and tried to dig him out herself, the other residents of Monongah pulled her away and lied that Earle and the others had skipped town, apparently having been bribed by HWI to keep a lid on what really happened to Earle and the others or refused to fund a rescue mission.

Inside, with no food or other supplies to survive on, when one miner died of his injuries because of the collapse, the others decided to cannibalize his corpse, including Earle, though others were against it. Earle was initially hesitant, thinking "it didn't seem right to him", but as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Earle's sanity slipped away, and he began feasting on the corpses, and then on those who were still alive. By the year 2103, Earle's cannibalism had caused him to mutate into a wendigo, and then into a Wendigo Colossus. His daughter Maggie now lived at Foundation with the New Appalachia Settlers, but she still wanted to know what became of her father after HWI sealed the mine.


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