"You guys treat us nerds like dirt. One day you'll regret it!"
~ Earnest Jones

Earnest Jones Is one of the bosses in the video-game Bully. He is the leader of the Nerds Clique in Bullworth Academy, ruling his clique with an iron fist.

He was voiced by Jesse Tendler.


Earnest is a scrawny, bespectacled boy with a high opinion of himself. He despises bullies for treating him and his friends like dirt, but he likes to feel powerful and can prove as bad a bully as his tormentors, when given the opportunity. In fact he seems rather jealous of their brawns and popularity. He is also pretty lewd, fantasying aloud on porn magazines and asking for pictures of girls in the shower.

In spite of his less than savory traits, he is quite protective of his clique and is grateful when Jimmy helps him. It is quite obvious that his difficulty for trusting stems from painful experiences. And though he is not the genius he fancies himself as, he is quite smart and tech-savy, creating defense systems and hand-made "guns", and orchestrating the plan to publicly humiliate the jocks.


Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, Jimmy was planning to take on the Jocks next. But in order to do that he had to team up with the Nerds. But in order to that he had to fight their leader Earnest. Since the boy lacks the brawns to face Jimmy head on, he attcks him with a homemade gun atop from railings that Jimmy must destroy.

After he defeated Earnest, the Nerds became an ally to Jimmy. He devises the plot to ridicule the football team and open the way for Jimmy to battle them, plan set into motion by his nerd friends.

At first, it seems that Jimmy succeeded in making all the clique leaders his friends, but when Gary releases rats in the library, the nerds are quick to blame him. And when Jimmy gets expelled, his newfound "friends" promptly turn on him.

Chapter 5

In the end of Chapter 5, there was a riot in Bullworth Academy thanks to Gary Smith. Both Jimmy and Russell have to fight the leaders of each class group. Earnest and 2 other nerds are spotted destroying the gym. Both Jimmy and Russell fight Earnest and the nerds. Jimmy and Russell can easily beat them.

When Gary is defeated and Jimmy re-enrolled in a pacified Bullworth Academy, Earnest is seen applauding him, along with Jimmy's friends and the clique leaders.

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