I am Eas, denizen of Labyrinth, and faithful servant of Lord Moebius!
~ Eas

Eas is the original identity of Setsuna Higashi, and the one that represents her past as a Labyrinth member. Eas was very stubborn and had a great part of pride, refusing to admit defeat to her partners or let them help her. When meeting Cure Peach the first time, Eas swore to be her enemy by telling that they would meet again. Since then, Eas tried her best to defeat Pretty Cure, and in the end, asked Moebius for his help. At her last days, she was given the Nakisakebe cards, since it was obvious that Pretty Cure were getting stronger, and that she herself was having doubts about Labyrinth's goals.

When Eas' body died and her life energy was sacrificed for Labyrinth's goal, Akarun was summoned by Chiffon and entered her body. This caused her to be revived as Cure Passion in episode 23. After that, it does not seem like Setsuna can become Eas anymore. She herself has decided that she will never again be helping Labyrinth, so it is possible she still has the ability to transform, but does not want to.


Eas had silver hair with a black hairband. A black and scarlet jacket buttoned by two red diamonds. She wore long black gloves with red bracelets attached to it, black hot shorts, black tight-high and socks with red bows and red high heels.


  • Eas was the first female antagonist to become a true part of Pretty Cure, beside the Kiryuu sisters from Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star where it is unknown if they were actually cures, the second was Siren/Ellen Kurokawa from Suite Pretty Cure♪.


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