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I was finding pieces of people in my food, no matter where I ate… so the only logical place to find something edible was… inside people…
~ The Girl after eating a human.

Eating Disorder Girl or just The Girl is the protagonist villain of the first part of The Asylum Series. She was an insecure girl but later become a deranged cannibal who got put into the asylum.


Not much is known about the Eating Disorder Girl's background, not even her name. But it's known that she has body image problems and has developed an eating disorder. In the beginning of the story, The Girl is with her friends at a restaurant eating dinner and celebrating one of her friends promotion. Becky was the one who had gotten a promotion and The Girl thinks it's because Becky is skinny. The Girl is going on a diet to try to get skinnier but decides to eat half of her salad so her friends wouldn't bother her about not eating anything. When the waiter gives her the salad she finds a long black hair in it. She is disgusted and complains to the restaurant which makes all of the girls getting dinner for free.

After a few days The Girl still hasn't eaten anything and feels relieved. Although her friends thinks otherwise. When The Girl is eating lunch with one of the girls named Andrea, she is very hungry so she orders a large salad, which makes Andrea glad and tells The Girl that she is there for her if she needs someone to talk to. The Girl begins eating her salad but finds a red fake fingernail in it. She is once again disgusted and complains to the restaurant which, once again makes the lunch for her and Andrea free. The Girl feels empowered and more relieved that she hasn't eaten anything for two weeks but at the same time she feels extremely hungry. A few more days pass and finally she goes to eat brunch with Becky. Becky just brags about her new job and that her boss is hitting on her and The Girl feels more and more hatred towards Becky, but doesn't say anything. The Girl finds a toe in her chicken salad and both her and Becky are shocked. The whole restaurant shuts down and Becky gets interviewed about the incident, even though The Girl was the one who nearly ate the toe. She starts to think that Becky had something to do with the toe in her salad.

Later when The Girl is nearly starving she resolves to try to eat something, but whenever she begins eating something she finds human parts in it. First, she eats a little bit of the chocolate but pukes it out because between the wrapper and the candy bar she discovers a flap of human skin. Later she orders a slice of pizza but finds a cornea on it. After that she drives across the state line and orders a hamburger but finds pieces of human brain matter on it. During all those incidents she gets more and more sure that Becky and the other girls are the ones who puts the human parts in her food.

After that she just drives and drives away trying to get away from Becky and the other girls so she can finally eat something. Eventually she gets an idea and stops the car. The Girl takes a pipe and cracks a man's skull open and out fell chicken salad and delicious dressing. So she ate and ate and felt that she had won over Becky and the girls.

The main protagonist of The Asylum Series who has read her file and works at the asylum where she is locked up, reveals that she has to be fed intravenously because normal food disgusts her. Apparently The Eating Disorder Girl did manipulate someone to sneak in body parts into her cell so she could eat that.


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