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Ebenezer Nezzer is the anti-villainous protagonist of the Veggietales episode, An Easter Carol.


Ebenezer Nezzer wanted to make Easterland by destroying the church. When Mr. Nezzer (Ebenezer Nezzer) sleeps, he dreams that there is a small angel, Hope, who talks to him about what easter is like. He is being brought to that past, which revealed his childhood that the easter egg is empty, which reminds him about the tomb. He is being brought to the present and it revealed that Edmund is sick and without the church, no one could help him. Mr. Nezzer is being brought to the future and it revealed that the church will be destroyed. When Mr. Nezzer wakes up, he cancelled the church destruction and redeemed himself.


Ebenezer Nezzer appeared as Mr. Nezzer, who is a vegetable, zucchini. He wears an attire of the story's time setting, which has a hat.


Ebenezer nezzer wanted to start his own business by making Easter land and does not care about the church, because he forgot the true meaning of easter.


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